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I’d like to personally thank you for checking out my website. Please like and share this site. Before I start, let me tell you a little about myself.

I am an online marketer who enjoys helping people who are willing to do what it takes to change their  financial situation.  I have been in the online marketing industry since 2001.

Since that time, I have helped thousands of people make money online using free and paid strategies that anyone can learn.

Today I am using my knowledge and skills to help train like-minded people to write their own paycheck using the internet.

Watch the videos on this page. Get started, then  contact me @ 404 – 832- 5031.


No Green Dot, Net Spend, Walmart cards, work debit card or any card that can

be purchased at a store.




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Emergency Road Service – Battery Boost, Fuel Delivery, Tire Change, Lock-out Service, Unlimited Towing Service 24/7.

Free Discount Card for Prescriptions, Vision Care, and Dental – Our discount card is an easy way to help you and your family receive discounts on all of your prescriptions, vision, and dental needs. You receive a unique membership card allowing you to receive up to a 65% discount on prescriptions, up to a 50% discount on vision, and up to a 50% discount on dental procedures. (BENEFITS ARE NOT INSURANCE.)

​The cost of the membership is $39.90 one-time then $19.95 a month to keep your membership active.

To get paid, sign up to become an associate and get paid $80 for each membership referral. There are no limits to how much money you can make on a weekly basis. You receive a referral link to give to other people. When they join through your link, you are paid $80. Motor Club of America sends out payments every Friday via direct deposit.

Earning Potential For One Week

1 Membership Sold = $80.00
5 Memberships Sold = $400.00
10 Memberships Sold = $800.00
20 Memberships Sold = $1600.00
30 Memberships Sold = $2400.00


Make the $39.90 payment with a Debit Card or Credit Card. Use the “Credit Card” option when paying with a Debit Card (it’s the same thing). NO PREPAID CARDS OF ANY KIND. No Green Dot, Net Spend, Walmart cards, work debit card or any card that can be purchased at a store.

Be sure to text or call me @ (404-832-5031) after joining so that we can connect and you can start your training.