Who Is John Crestani And What Is The Internet Jetset All About?

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Internet Jetset is a sure way to make good money online whether full-time or part-time . It is an affiliate marketing system that allows you to make money through marketing products or services.

The best thing about Internet Jetset is that this business is not restricted to geographical locations. Once you figure out your niche market, you will get the opportunity to sell your niche products or services to a global audience. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.


About John Crestani – Creator Of Internet Jetset

John is a famous affiliate marketer who initiated Internet Jetset. However, before fame and riches came, Mr. Crestani started off from scratch and now earns a lot of money teaching the technique and strategies in his program, Internet Jetset. Which you can => VISIT HERE. <=

He set out on a mission to empower people so that they can become financially independent and afford the types of lifestyles they want. His goodwill has seen him receive plaudits from all over the globe and allowed him to be featured in many articles and blogs.

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While Internet Jetset is a significant part of Mr. Cresanti’s affiliate marketing system, it falls under Crestani’s company called Super Affiliate System. This company provides a full range of affiliate products and services such as advanced courses that can make you lots of money.

Another part of Crestani’s affiliate empire is a nutritional supplement affiliate network called Nutryst. This supplement network connects affiliate marketers with suppliers of nutritional supplements and Immersive Labs, a virtual reality marketing platform.

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How Internet Jetset Works

If you’re familiar with how an affiliate marketing system works, then you will be right at home with Internet Jetset.

This affiliate marketing platform works by measuring the clicks on the marketing campaigns you have been posting online as well as conversion rates of those clicks.

You earn by collecting a fixed pre-agreed commission on sold goods or services based on your marketing campaign’s conversion rate.
That is just one of the two ways you can earn with Internet Jetset.

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Formal Job versus Internet Jetset and Why You Should Join This Program

Internet Jetset has so many more advantages than a regular job. Some of the advantages include:

• Flexible working hours – you can work anytime you wish unlike a formal job which has fixed working hours.

• Flexibility to work from anywhere even from the comfort of your home.

• It is easy to understand the whole concept of Internet Jetset and earn from it


• The sky is the limit when it comes to earning – Unlike a formal job which provides a fixed wage and sometimes commissions and bonuses, Internet Jetset has no limits on how much you can earn monthly.

• Targeted/Niche Marketing – This is a marketing method that segments the market and further targets specific type of people based on their location, demographics and other factors to maximize profit.

• E-commerce is highly profitable – Companies dealing with E-commerce generate a lot of revenue, and hence they pay their affiliate marketers a handsome commission for helping market and sell their products or services.

• Low running costs – all you need is a computer and a working internet connection. No additional costs like renting and other costs involved in setting up a physical office.

• No geographical barrier – unlike other types of marketing, affiliate marketing knows no borders. The entire world becomes your market in the particular niche you’re trying to promote.

How To Join The Program  >> HERE <<

Signing up for Internet Jetset is simple, and anyone can do it. Once your computer is connected to the internet, all you need is a social media account for posting your marketing campaigns, an account on Amazon for products and an online payment system like PayPal that allows you to receive your money from anywhere in the globe.

For you to join the Internet Jetset program, you have to pay an initial fee of $47 that caters for an eight-hour online course which gives practical tutorials on how to market on online platforms such as Amazon and Facebook.

The course also focuses on helping you find affiliate networks that provide the most profitable commission rates and helping you learn how to generate traffic to your affiliate marketing site to earn commissions from clicks and conversions.

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