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content marketing strategy

Content Marketing Strategy


In order to have an optimal impact in marketing, it is necessary for content writers to be strategic in their approach. It also takes relatively longer for the writer to form an audience big enough to bring an income. While each writer has their own style of writing and fields of interest, there are certain general strategies and approaches that apply across styles and fields.


Article Format

The first thing that a person notices about an article is its format. An attractive format increases the possibility of a casual browser turning into a serious reader. In many instances, people skim through articles before deciding whether they are worth their time. Having this in mind, it is important to make sure that even casual skimmers gets enough information from the article to command their interest. Some of the strategies to adopt in this regard include:

Every article should have a catchy title: Readers tend to be hooked at the very beginning by the wording of the title. Writers should, however be wary of having tittles that look like click baits as they may turn-off some leaders.

Having an interesting introduction that captures the essence of the article: Such an introduction ensures that the if the reader just takes the time to read it, they get interested in the rest of the article

The article should be broken down in subtitles: Subtitles enable the skimmer to see the skeleton of the article at a glance. To capture interest, the subtitles should project a flow of information and be catchy.

Bullet points and numbers: using bullets and numbers is another way of breaking down the article to make it more readable. When an article has bullets and numbers, the reader is able to skim ahead in anticipation to see where the narrative is going.

Good articles are easily readable: content marketers should put themselves in readers’ shoes throughout the process of writing. Easily readable articles typically have shorter, well ordered sentences.

Writer’s bio section: To create a personal connection with the reader, it is always advisable for the writer to include a short biographical section at the end of the article. In the section, the writer should provide links to their website. This way, anyone who would like to know more about the writer would get an opportunity to learn more from their site.

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Choosing Articles

There are is a wide array of topics that can be written about on the internet. Nobody can be conversant with all of them. It is therefore, important for a writer to concentrate on the topics they are conversant about. A person is more likely to give useful information when they know the topic they are writing about. A writer is also likely to write faster and therefore produce more articles increasing their earnings.

While competence makes articles accurate, passion makes them interesting. When a writer writes on a topic they are passionate about, they inevitably introduce new angles of looking at a topic that nobody else sees. An article from a passionate writer also has a warm personal touch owing to the relationship such a writer develops with the topic.

The above-mentioned strategies pertain to a person’s relationship with the topic about which they write articles. On the other hand, there are general industry trends that when observed give the writer an edge. Such trends pertain to popularity of certain types of articles. How to’ articles and list articles tend to gain traction on the internet faster than other types of articles.

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What to Expect as a Writer

Making a mark in content marketing is not easy; there are many people offering services on the internet. When there are such huge numbers of people, even good writers may struggle to stand out in the expanse that is the internet. It is therefore important to be patient even when things do not work out in the short term a writer should keep writing because consistency as the writer waits is key. To maintain consistency, the writer should make a decision on the highest number of quality articles they can write. The decision should factor other time commitments to protect the writer from undue stress.


With patience and consistency, people with an interest in writing can earn a living through content marketing. The general idea of content marketing is to generate interest in certain things and topics. All ideas that would help an article generate such interest should be explored by writers individually. Every writer has their own unique style and it could end up being their main selling point.


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